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Privacy Policy Update

An update to an earlier post - removing Crashlytics and Fabric from my apps

Last year I wrote about my Privacy Policy, outlining the approach I take on my mobile apps, and trying to justify the trade-offs I’m making.

This is a follow-up on what’s changed in the mean time.

Removing Crashlytics and Fabric

I’ve been trying to remove 3rd party code from my apps as much as possible.

This is a really more of a practical concern - fewer dependencies makes it easier to change the code/keep up to date on OS changes/be agile - than privacy worries (not really knowing what 3rd party libraries are actually doing).

Therefore I decided to remove Crashlytics and Fabric from my own apps.

Both Apple and Google offer built-in basic analytics and crash reporting via the App Store Connect and Play Store servers respectively. I realised for my own apps, this is perfectly sufficient for what I need.

All I really care about is finding out about crashes or issues, plus every so often knowing the breakdown of OS versions my users have so as to plan when I can drop support for older devices.

This isn’t an anti-Google stance, as I’m still using Firebase and Google Mobile Ads. It’s just why give my user’s data away any more than I need to?


Your mileage may vary, and I’m not sure I’d advise this approach for all my clients, but I’m happy this will work well for me and my users.