The online home of John Pollard

Hi, I'm John Pollard, an experienced full stack, mobile-focused developer, and have worked building on highly scalable internet-based solutions for many years.

Nowadays I mainly work on mobile development and design (iOS and Android native, plus Flutter)

However over my long career I've worked on a full stack of technologies, from front-end JavaScript through to machine learning at Bing, and just about everything in-between!

I'm currently based just south of the wall in Northumberland, UK.

Mobile apps

I've built a bunch of native mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Read more about the apps on my apps portfolio page.

Who I've worked for

Here's just some of the more well-known clients I've worked for ...

Virgin Money Virgin Money
Sky Sports Sky Sports
Greggs Greggs
Waracle Waracle
FindMyPast FindMyPast
Sage Sage
Microsoft Microsoft

Get in contact ...

If you want to get in touch, contact me directly at:

phone: +44 7968 968424


Blog Posts

My very occasionally updated blog is now back here (how exciting!)