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Less is More

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I work on my apps in a sustainable and realistic way recently.

One of the conclusions has been I should stop pretending there is a corporation behind them - it’s just me (with some inspiration and help from Nick on Daily Optimiser).

Therefore in the latest version of Daily Optimiser

  • v3.1.0 - I’ve removed a few things, and made a few other things a bit clearer.

I’ve removed integration of the Daily Optimiser Twitter feed and blog posts into the coach area. It was a good idea, but we never really used it much (at all!) to publish useful productivity posts and information, so it was always a bit stale and getting in the way.

I’ve also simplified the settings page, to make it more efficient to change what you need to optimise your use of the app (see what I did there?) and get rid of the “promotional links” - no one ever gives us a review and almost certainly never will unless the app nags them more than I’d be happy doing.

Accessing online help is much easier too - well at least a lot less ugly

Finally I’ve renamed the in-app purchase from being about “patronage” to be becoming a “Pro User”. You still don’t get any extra features as a Pro User (other than removing the occasional nag message in the coach), but I may change this in future so want to be honest about what the money buys you.

The price of becoming a Pro User has also been reduced to $1.99/£1.49. I really do appreciate everyone who has donated so far, and obviously the more support I get the more likely I’ll keep working on Daily Optimiser going forward.

Download on the App Store

P.S. The App Store review process only took 2 days which is much faster than usual, and follows a 3 day review for Pixagogo. Be great if this is an ongoing trend of faster reviews.