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watchOS 2 Complications Complications

So I decided against adding a glance to the app as promised last time, as it doesn’t really add much value over the app itself, and to be honest I found it quicker to go straight to the app rather than try to scroll through my glances.

Anyhoo, I’ve had a load of fun trying to get the complications working, and after more to-ing and fro-ing finally have it working.

This should have been easy, especially as the built in templates for the smaller complications already have the “progress ring” that matches almost exactly what I want.

Apple’s documentation is OK if a little dry, and there are few helpful examples that can be found with a quick search.

The one key point I found was that the Xcode project settings where you set the data class to be used for the complications data isn’t quite correct.

What you need to do is set the class in Info.plist to be: $(PRODUCT_MODULE_NAME).ComplicationsDataSource



as the target\General\Complications Configuration would suggest.

So I think v2.0.0 is just about done! I’ll need to generate the App Store screen shots and text as usual, and then hopefully it’ll be released in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll probably write a summary post soon too to summarise all these ramblings :)

N.B. All code can be seen on GitHub