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Sideboard is an iOS, iPadOS, Mac, watchOS and visionOS app designed to summarise your upcoming meetings and enhance your productivity

See Your Day

Sideboard will quickly show your upcoming or in progress meetings, and show how long until the next meeting (or how long the current meeting has left to run)

This lets you see at a glance how your day is looking

Put it on your dock

The iOS and iPad app is designed to be run "on the side" - hence the name 😄

Our widgets are even better than the app!

Sideboard has a range of widgets that can be added to your home screen, showing your upcoming meetings, or the current meeting

Running in standby mode is perfect for showing you your next meeting!

Sideboard Large Widget Sideboard in standby mode

Get it on your wrist

Get all the same information on your Apple Watch, another way to see your day at a glance!

Sideboard on an Apple Watch Sideboard on an Apple Watch

Or in your Mac's menu!

Install Sideboard on your Mac, and get a great menu bar app

You can see your next or current meeting directly in the menu bar, and then all today's meetings are viewable just one click away

Sideboard on a Mac

Sideboard is "Charityware"

Like Sideboard? Here's how to say thanks ...

Sideboard is free to use, but if you are enjoying the app and want to say thanks, please consider donating a small amount to a charity of your choice

If you're looking for some ideas, here's a few charities I'm happy to support:

If you do donate, please drop me a note at so I can say thanks to you!

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