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Daily Optimiser Help


How do I make a task "Most Important"?

Touch the handle on the right side of the task and then simply drap the task up to the top section under the "Most Important Tasks".

How do I mark a task complete?

The easiest way is simply to swipe the task to the right until the shows and then release it. The task will then be marked as complete.

Swiping right on a completed task will "uncomplete" it.

How do I add a new task?

Press on one of the buttons next to "Most Important Tasks" or "Other Tasks".

How do I edit a task?

There are 2 ways to get to the edit screen for a task:

  1. Swipe left on the task until until the shows and then release it
  2. Tap on the task

You're then shown the edit screen, which lets you amend the task as appropriate.

How do I delete a task?

Go to the edit screen for the task (see above), and hide the keyboard. You can then see the "delete" button at the bottom

How do I add or edit a meeting?

Similar to how tasks are added or edited, use:

How do I move between days?

You can move between days by using the links in the top navigation bar.

To see days in the future, click on the right link starting with "Tomorrow", or to move back obviously use the left link starting with "Yesterday".

To get back to "Today", you can double tap on the current day name in the top center.

How do I change which hours are shown on the timeline?

Tap on the in the top bar to get to the Settings page. You can then set the "Working Day" as appropriate.

How can I change which calendars and reminders are shown in the app?

Tap on the , and on the Settings page you can select which Calendars and Reminders to use.

Why is the screen always on?

The way we use Daily Optimiser is as a second screen next to us while we're working. Therefore we want the screen on all the time for quick access to the information.

If you want to change this, tap on the , and on the Settings page select "Disable On Idle" in the "Screen" section.

What should I do if the app has lost permission to access my calendars or reminders?

Obviously if Daily Optimiser doesn't have permission to your calendars and reminders, it isn't going to be much use!

We continually check in the background for any problems, so if something looks wrong we'll warn you in the coach area, and give you a link to go to the "Permissions Check" screen. On there we'll see what the problem might be and how you can resolve it.

You can always go directly to the "Permissions Check" screen by tapping on the , and on the Settings page select "Permissons Check" in the "Links" section.

What if I have a question not covered here?

The easiest way to ask us a question is by tapping on the , and on the Settings page select "Ask the Support Team a question" in the "Links" section.

We'll try to answer your question as soon as we can!