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Bedside Clock code now on Github

A few weeks in with my iPhone and I’m very happy with my choice.

The iOS interface is fine, and although I do miss the “Metro” interface of my Windows Phone, having a massive choice of good and interesting apps makes up for that by far.

A perfect example is being able to use Instagram. I’ve really enjoyed taking some gratuitous photos and sharing them with the community there. Nothing unusual there for most people, it’s just it’s still not available as an app for Windows Phone.

Anyway, that means I’m definitely not going to be developing my Bedside Clock any more, so I thought I’d share the code on Github so if anyone does want to extend the app they can do.

This was originally a project just for me to learn about developing for Windows Phone, and to replace the better built-in clock I was missing from my Android phone. You can probably tell this with some of the slightly gratuitous features I added (phase of the moon calculations anyone?)

It’s done reasonably well at the App Store with around 14,000 downloads as of April 2013 - which is far more than I ever dreamed of! I learnt a lot building it, and I used it every night when working away in London, so it definitely had at least one satisfied user.

If any of you are interested in forking the code, extending the app or fixing any bugs you spot, I’d be very happy to help get them merged into the code base and releasing the out into the wild.