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Xcode Debugging BT Homehub Fix

A settings change fixed this for me - YMMV

This definitely falls into the category of “it fixed it for me” - your mileage may vary.

I’ve been having assorted problems with my BT Infinity broadband service. For a while they insisted it was a router problem (it wasn’t) and sent me a new BT Homehub router to use. The router is actually fine and I’ll probably stick with it, but for some reason Xcode wireless debugging stopped working.

I could install an app from Xcode fine, but the debugger failed to start and attach to the app on my phone. My guess was it was a port issue, but had no real idea what was actually going on.

I didn’t find anything online, but playing about with the Homehub settings, I found I could turn “Enable SIP ALG” on (in Advanced Settings > Firewall > Configuration) which sounded suspicious. I turned it on, and now the wireless debugging works as before. Hurrah!

I’ve no real idea if this was actually the culprit, but thought I’d at least share this in case others hit the same issue, as it’s something to try.