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Windows ISA Client 2004 has a browser tab!

Originally posted on my old MSDN blog

I'd never seen it before, and it turns out hardly anyone else in our team had either so I thought it was worth sharing.

I was having problems accessing a particular resource on our internal network for which I had to use a particular proxy server. I set the proxy in the manually set ISA server and fired up IE, but I couldn't see the resource. If I set the IE proxy settings manually (Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings) I could see it fine, but this confused me - unfortuanately not a common occurrence  :-)

What I'd never noticed was a second tab on the ISA Client called "Web Browser", on which the "Enable Web browser automatic configuration" checkbox was unchecked. Once I checked this, obviously then changing the proxy settings also worked in IE.

Not exactly earth-shattering, but I learnt a little (so I'm allowed to post it here!)