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No Longer Business Time

Big changes for the business, small changes to the website

2024 has meant a big change to my working life, as Bravelocation Software Limited is no more ☹️

I’ve taken on a full time position as Head of Development at Paradym after working with Courtney and the team there for all of 2023. I’m really enjoying my work with Paradym, and our mission to make getting mental health help more available to everyone

What that’s meant is I’m shutting down my Brave Location business, and stopping being a contractor after many (many!) years and become a salaryman again

I’m also taking the opportunity to simplify my online life, which means:

  • This site is now my “personal” site, rather that pretending to be a “business” site
  • I’ve moved my blog back here (and old links from Writing on Tablets will be redirected here)
  • I’ve stopped doing any external support work for a couple of apps, and obviously taking on new contract work

I’m also making some other technical changes that I may blog about, although seeing that this is the first post for over a year I feel like that’s a promise I may not keep

Finally, I’m working on a not very exciting app in my spare time, mainly to keep my hand in at native iOS development (work is Flutter plus backend work now). I’ll hopefully be shipping v1.0 of that soon

Thanks for listening
John - no longer the spokesperson for Brave Location