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Cool tip when using Windows Live Local

Originally posted on my old MSDN blog

I'm now working on the Windows Live Expo team, which means:

  • I might have some more interesting things to post on here :-)
  • The focus of this blog may change a little

We shipped our first public beta yesterday (US only for posting at the moment, but open to all to view), so we can start talking about some of the cool technologies we're currently using.

We've also got a video on Channel 9 which gives a flavour of our technologies (filmed before I joined the team unfortunately)

Anyway on to the tip - I was shown this when talking to the dev team from the excellent Windows Live Local - which is particularly useful (and cool!) when in an area where the birds-eye view is available.

If you hold down the mouse scroll wheel and then drag a square on the map, you will zoom in to the area that you dragged over.

Just a small thing, but once you've tried it it really enhances the usability of the maps. Give it a try!