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Animating Progress

More progress of sorts, and getting close to having a beta release ready for testing.

Animation in Swift

I wanted the progress to dynamically slide in when the progress bar was shown, and this was done pretty easily using a standard CABasicAnimation on the “strokeEnd” of drawing the line. The code needed to be refactored a little to use layers instead of straight drawing of the line, but again nothing really of interest to show (so looking at the code is clearest if you’re interested)

I tried adding Facebook’s lovely Pop Animation framework, but this was very problematic as it’s an Objective-C library. I nearly got it working before giving up, but will definitely post more on this subject when I try again later.

Other bits and pieces

I also added a swipe left gesture to go from the main screen to the settings, made a simple logo and also added the percentage done to the today widget - I’ve been using the app this week as I’ve started a new contract which has been helpful to improve the interactions.

Next steps

Unfortunately it looks like there is a bug in the “weekdays only” calculations. I have a unit test to prove it, so need to fix this before I’m happy to send out for testing.

Previous posts in the series

The code for the project is also available on GitHub