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An update, and a plan

It’s clearly been a while since I updated my blog here, so I thought I’d give a quick update, and then share my plan for getting me to share a bit more regularly what I’m up to.

Since my last post (6 months ago!) I’ve shipped my second iOS app - and Instagram client focusing on location called Pixagogo. I learnt a hell of a lot making it, and we have regular users from all around the world enjoying a different way of enjoying Instagram pictures.

We’ve also shipped several updates to our Daily Optimiser app, and now it’s a paid app we have a small band of regular and hopefully happy users.

Unfortunately my fledgling business isn’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills yet, so for the last few months I’ve been contracting at Sage in Newcastle working on a confidential project doing financial website stuff (which is as much as I can and want to say).

The plan

While we ponder our next major app, I want to keep learning by building things. So my plan is to build an app in the open where I can do the following things:

  • Build something in Swift
  • Something simple that I can ship in a few hours work
  • Use the WatchKit SDK for something that might work on the Apple Watch when it ships
  • Share the code on Github
  • Blog about what I’m learning along the way

I have an idea what I’m going to do, and hopefully will start working on this during the next week.

If that’s true, there should be a new post here a bit sooner than the last interval :(