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2012 - Year of Code (and Shipping!)

So this is the plan.

I was inspired during my personal Something New Every Day project to ship a new piece of software every month for a whole year.

I really got the idea from hearing about the Dollar App project, which is essentially the same idea, although from their website it's not entirely clear how well they did.

The reason I'm doing this is that like many people I have lots of ideas for apps to build, but having a day job means it's often hard find the incentive to do other things in my spare time. I figure if I publically commit to doing something it's more likely I might actually follow through on it.

It would be great if something good comes out of the project. I'd be happy if just one app is reasonably successful, and who knows if that will happen, but the only way to find out is to give it a go!

I'm not going to restrict myself in anyway on what I develop, but my main interests are in location-based software, Windows Phone 7, Facebook apps and Windows 8, so almost certainly the apps will be some combination of one or more of those areas.

I'll also try to post regular updates on this blog, both on what I (hopefully) ship and what I learn along the way. You can also follow along on Twitter (@bravelocation) and I may get around to setting up a Facebook page too.

Here we go....